Gone are the days when a simple manicure was enough. Today, nail art has become a rage. From simple designs to funky ones, your nails will, quite simply, do all the talking! 

Nail art is the art of painting attractive designs on your fingernails to give them a classy look. In fact, it’s a fun way to brighten up your everyday monotonous look or accessorise a special occasion outfit. There are a variety of nail art designs available, ranging from delicate and understated to funky and outrageous. 

You can paint flowers on your nails for a special occasion or spell out the name of your fiancé or boyfriend when going on a date. 

Every one of us can’t go to a professional nail artist to get an art work done but it’s possible to create simple nail art at home. Barbara Braeunlich, beauty expert with Oriflame, shares a few tips on how to get your nails in great shape in no time.

No matter what style you prefer, don’t forget that the hottest trend is to groom your nails well.